At present, artificial intelligence development is entering the third boom by technical development and application of brain science. And the development of this artificial intelligence is trying to bring about historic transformation of society in various fields such as human life, industrial use, political administration system, financial technology, security, labor welfare, art.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence has also studied not to cause damage to humans by establishing compliance globally for its development and use, since some ability far exceeds that of human beings. Discussions are being made to produce a legal  system among researchers, developers, and political parties, so that artificial intelligence technology will not be abused.


Brains  has made some discoveries and theoretical constructions in the research of brain structure, behavioral neuroscience, and empirical brain science. Some of them have already been proved and used by other research institutes. In addition, the theory of brain structure which Brains elucidated and theorized was studied by national research institute in Japan. In other words, Brains has conducted original research leading the world in those fields. 

In real world there are many instances where  study  in one field is useful for research and development in other fields. Therefore, Brains will receive recommendation and establish World Society for Artificial Intelligence here.


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