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General Rules


  1.  "This site" is defined as the website "" which our company manages.  

  2. " The user" means all people using this site.

  3. " This service" is all information and contents which our company provides for users  through this site.    

  4. This agreement is applied to use of this site and this service by users.

  5. Our company shall define agreement for every individual service besides this agreement. When the laws of this agreement and individual agreement differ, in the range of the individual agreement, the agreement provided in  individual agreement shall have priority and shall be applied.

  6. Users shall follow this agreement, when using this site and this service. Our company shall change this  agreement at any time, without obtaining user’s consent beforehand by notifying on this site. 

  7. Our company decides to make no offer to third parties in principle about the personal information and business  information obtained through this service. 

  8. When the request of an indication is made from a governmental agency and the machinery of law, our company shall disclose information required in order to contact to users according to these requests. 

  9. The copyright and other intellectual property rights about all the texts, pictures, images and data, software (these  are called "contents" below.), etc. which are contained at this site belong to our company or its right   holder. Don't  use the contents contained at this site without obtaining consent of our company. 


Prohibited Matter


Users shall not perform the following acts.


  1. An act to infringe copyright and intellectual property rights and trademarks and other rights and profits.  

  2. An act to infringe the privacy of others or portrait rights.

  3. The act which carries out the illegal use of this service by the method which is not permitted. Transmission of computer virus, a worm, a Trojan horse, and other malware, trespass, etc. 

  4. The act which breaks a statute and good public order and customs, or infringes on the others' right. An act with a possibility of infringing. 

Escape(exemption) Clause 


The contents which receive regulation by the statute of each country, and the contents exceeding the range of the social permission by religion, culture, custom, etc. may be included in research of our company.

However, public presentation of this research is the purpose purely, therefore our company does not perform management, support, any compensation ,liability, etc. when these problems arise.  When an accident arises by the inevitability of earthquakes, floods, war, a riot and terrorism, a fire, a power failure and communication line obstacles, and others etc, and when offer of all or a part of these services was stopped or ended, about the damage which arose to the user by these, our company shall be exempted from obligation.  The site of the link place of this site is a site different from this service. We do not take responsibility about linked sites. About the effect of this agreement and an interpretation, it is governed by the laws of Japan. 

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