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On the other day, on the campaign to start the manufacturing system introduced on this site from the automobile industry, the UK shifted to a plan to jointly develop its theory and practice in Japan.

However, the institutions that the UK called for joint development do not have that technology and methodology.

Meanwhile, there are companies and research institutes that have tried to advance i...


Is it a CPU or GPU? Or its synthesis?

Mechanical or neural network?

Quantum computer?

Microsoft and Fujitsu are tying up to develop corporate business. In the future other companies will also advance corporate business using Artificial Intelligence.

By the way, no one can predict the future deployment of ICT companies. Companies will continue to work to profit. However, there are currently no companies that have sufficiently eluci...


There are several legends and history of civilization and ethnic disappearance.
Mu Continent and Atlantis Continent thought to be imaginary.
Religiously Noah's ark, Sodom and Gomorra etc.
Historically Mesopotamian civilization, Egyptian civilization, Indus civilization, Yellow River civilization, Andean civilization and so on.

The reason is the sinking in the sea, the judgment of God, the decline due to something, and natural...


The Japanese government imitated German "Industry 4.0" and named the new society by technology innovation as "Society 5.0".

It sounds like a dream of a child reminiscent of Disneyland in China that imitated Disney Land in the USA. It is said that it was made by bureaucrats, researchers, scholars who have the best academic background in Japan.

By the way, Japan and Korea are the ones who are se...


Timothy J. Seppala, @timseppala 04.05.18 in Robots  From engadget's article

For all the joking we do about Skynet-scenarios and killer robots, there's some truth to the worrisome creations. To prevent Terminators from becoming a real threat, some 50 robotics experts are boycotting the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), a university in South Korea, given its decision to open an artificial intelligence we...


Imitation and Stealing

Everyone knows that Toyota and Tesla had an alliance with electric car development for a while. However, Tesla urged the release of that relationship, Toyota sold shares and dissolved the alliance. Tesla learned the technology of car development from Toyota, or could steal the technology. But, Toyota originally learned the technology of development and production of automobiles from the United States, in...


About「Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind」

Yuval Noah Harari

The above is a world bestseller recommended by Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and others.

This book starts with archeology, leads the story to unification of mankind through agricultural revolution, invention of the writing system. The author analyzes money as the strongest conqueror in human society and concludes to the emergence of the global empire and its vision. Furtherm...


Flow until the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The first industrial revolution 

Mechanization of factories by hydraulic power and steam engine after the end of the

18th century

Secondary industrial revolution

Mass production using electric power based on division of labor at the beginning of the 20th century

The Third Industrial Revolution

Further automation using electronic engineering and information technology from the early 1970's



I notified many related agencies that theory of brain science beyond the singularity existed last year. Immediately after that, I can’t confirm whether it responded to it, but Mr. Elon Musk appealed the danger of Artificial Intelligence to the United Nations and showed intention to suppress.  Mr. Mask had always appealed the danger of artificial intelligence.

And the following was reported within one month.

Elon Musk and promine...


Science that has been hidden
Stealing plagiarism and refusing to publish papers

This scientific theory was originally written for publication about 30 years ago. However, in the Japanese publishing industry there is the fact that stealing is done on a daily basis. The most important truth of this science theory is hidden in the same way, and it was plagiarized as books. It is a fact widely known among publishers the researchers...

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